5 Possible Reasons why Your pet Could Lean his Head Against The Wall

It is quite common to notice strange behavior in our pets. But sometimes habits that seem harmless and lovable can be a sign of a more serious health problem. An example is “head pressing” which may not seem dangerous at first glance but could indicate a more serious health problem in your pet.

care about the welfare of your pets and we want to give you more information about this condition, the reasons why it can occur, and what you can do to help your 4 legged companions.

The Definition of “Head Pressing”

It is a compulsive act of pressing your head against a wall or other flat surface for no apparent reason. This behavior is generally ignored but behind this condition, there are different causes which we will discuss later. One of the most noticeable effects of this behavior is an injury to the feet, face, or head of the animal.

1# Brain disorders

This means that your pet may have inflammation of the brain. Small and medium dogs tend to diagnose this disease more than older dogs. The condition is less common in cats. Some of the symptoms include seizures, disorientation, unusual behavior, low energy, loss of balance, and sometimes fever.

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